There is a certain point in life when you realize you've made it. You've earned it. You deserve … an international concierge.

Someone - better still, a team - that can connect you to the very best in travel, entertainment, dining, recreation and other lifestyle enhancements. And for select clients, Kipp IQ is here to provide this premium service.

Maybe you need a Lamborghini - everyone does at some point. We'll find it for you and take care of the ownership structure, funds transfer, delivery and other paperwork.

All you need are your sporty driving gloves (okay, we can provide those too). Or perhaps you're thinking about llama trekking in the Himalayas but don't know where to start.

We'll get you there (and even help you get to the top). Or maybe you'd like a Michelin 3-star chef to prepare a private meal for you and a special someone - in a castle. On a remote island. Hey, we can make it happen.

Then again, it's possible you don't actually know what you're looking for. Maybe it doesn't even exist yet. That's fine too. We'll help you figure it out. That's what individual service is all about.

To find out more about KIPP IQ concierge services, please contact our offices or email concierge@KippIQ.com
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