Self healing networks  
Taking Control of the Uncontrollable
Although avoiding network outages of any sort would be the ideal scenario, events and circumstances are going to happen that are out of our control. However, with KIPP IQ you can put avoidance mechanisms in place to help mitigate unplanned events and protect your network integrity and business performance.

KIPP IQ offers three types of service depending on your needs and budget:
KIPP IQ Data Backup
Disaster Recovery
KIPP IQ Network Continuity 


KIPP IQ Data Backup
With the potential for system crashes, viruses, theft, natural disasters or a mere accidental key stroke, businesses need to back up their important files on a regular basis. With our customized data back-up software, your back-ups will be more robust and thorough than any over-the-counter back-up programs.

With KIPP IQ Data Backup:
You choose how often your data is automatically backed up – our KIPP IQ default is every night
You customize data retention to suit your needs – KIPP IQ follows industry best practices
We set up a dedicated back up server with our specialty software at your actual locationWe configure both your data file and its working context into your data backup program to ensure 100% data recovery when needed.


Disaster Recovery
We cannot stop a catastrophic event, but we can plan for it. With our KIPP IQ Disaster Recovery Plan you can take steps now to minimize the impact of a future catastrophic event on your business network. While your network is active, we can capture all the necessary information we need for a 100% network restoration.
Our disaster recovery planning starts with a network audit. We then design what your network needs to be if a catastrophic event takes it down. You receive a network map together with a process flow which includes specific instructions on what to do at each step.
If disaster should strike, KIPP IQ is also available to restore your network for you.

KIPP IQ Network Continuity
The optimum in taking control of the uncontrollable, the KIPP IQ Network Continuity service incorporates self healing architecture into your existing network so that it can dynamically adapt to ensure mission critical resources are always running.

However the benefit doesn’t stop there.  The architecture is able to truly maximize your day to day current network performance through its ability to dynamically reallocate redundant equipment, balance network load and adjust peak performance usage.

Our KIPP IQ Network Continuity service includes a business impact analysis, network audit and the development and implementation of an architecture design.

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