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The Sales Information Problem
Sales Insight was created with the understanding that sales people, to a large degree, are information brokers. And this is true whether a sales person is in a face to face meeting or talking over the phone because their interaction with clients tends to focus heavily on providing key product and company information.

Unfortunately there are a number of things that make these sales conversations a lot less effective than they could be. This is especially true...

If your organization has a large number of complex and unique products.
If your organization is constantly introducing new products and solutions
If you have new vendors or new products that your people have never sold before
Or if your organization has a percentage of young or less experienced sales people on the job

Add all of this up, while factoring in that the members of your sales team are interacting with your customer base as much, or more, than anyone else in your firm, and you have a big problem.

The problem is that your best sales information is being shared with potential customers because there is just too much information to use and remember. Consider the following;
How many different sources does your sales information come from?
How many products does your sales team need to keep track of?
In how many different formats do they receive this information?
Where is the key information that they need and how fast can they find it?

And the most important question of all...
Can I really expect my sales people to sort through all this information and Deliver the highest impact/ highest margin pitch on  each sale.

Because your sales team cannot access and make use of essential product information in a way that reflects the fast paced, on demand nature of their jobs, your organization is missing sales opportunities each and every day that affects your top and bottom line numbers.

Given the Magnitude and impact of this issue, Kipp IQ unleashed its one-of-a-kind Information manufacturing system to solve this sales information overload problem.

Sales Insight helps your sales force sell your diverse product and solution offerings in a more effective way. Delivered through a customized Interface, your sales team can go to one location to get all the product information they need, when they need it.

Kipp IQ’s Sales Insight enables your entire sales force to Deliver consistent, up-to-date, accurate messages on every product & service you offer. Simply put, Sales Insight enables your sales team to convert more opportunities into sales each and every day.

If you would like to learn more about Kipp IQ’s Sales Insight please contact info@KippIQ.com

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