Publishing & PR Services  
Website Copywriting Services
Copywriting for a website is a task that carries with it the most important weight. The content on your website needs to help your site secure top rankings while at the same time conveying to your visitors the messages you want to convey. It is in this area that our skills are most applied and our communications with our client are at their peak.

Article Writing Services
Writing and publishing an article around the web is a great promotional method. When we're working on writing an article for you we'll gather ideas on topics, trends and best practice concepts specifically tailored to your market position within your industry.
Armed with knowledge specific to your industry we’ll write articles, publish them on strategic web properties and promote them to your target audience.

Press Release Services
Kipp IQ will write your organizations online press releases and submit them to online news agencies and post them on news services sites for additional exposure and building awareness of your organization.
To learn more about how Kipp IQ can help you publish & promote valuable content for the internet please email us at info@KippIQ.com
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