Offshore Consulting  
Creating an offshore structure can be a huge boon for your business or your private financial dealings – provided the structure is done right. Kipp IQ offer deep experience in offshore business development and provides international consulting in areas including companies, trusts, bank accounts, banking licenses, gambling licences and yacht registration, to name but a few. Our team provides the knowledge and expertise to help you set up an offshore enterprise that is 100% legal and appropriate, in multiple international jurisdictions.

In working with you on your offshore strategy, KIPP IQ follows certain immutable principles: We listen before we speak, to make sure our advice is appropriate to your situation. We recommend custom solutions tailored to your needs, not off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter answers. And we guard your privacy zealously, ensuring that no information regarding your strategy and plans leaks out.

Offshore business is a dynamic environment, with rules and regulations, laws and conventions changing all the time, and subtle differences from country to country that must be understood and respected. In choosing an international business consultant, be sure the company you select is knowledgeable in all applicable areas of law and finance and understands all the jurisdictions in which you may be doing business. Your consultant needs to be in close and regular contact with local authorities and financial institutions, be keenly plugged into the local power structure and also be steeped in the local culture and customs.

CS&P's team of lawyers, advisors and agents is spread over the six continents and brings to the table expertise in all the major disciplines relevant to international strategy, finance, operations and marketing. Find out how our team can help by contacting offshore@KippIQ.com
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