Money Management  
Managing money is the fundamental skill of any business or wealthy individual – and today there are more strategies and options for success than ever before. The trick, of course, is knowing which strategy to pursue - and then having a means of evaluating if it's working, and plan for what to do if it's not.
That's where Kipp IQ comes in – we offer our clients the services of a premier money management practice. The strategies we develop and implement are uncorrelated to major market trends, allowing our clients to thrive in up, down or sideways markets. They provide an excellent complement to and diversification for a traditional equities and bonds portfolio resulting in greater balance and efficiency.

KIPP IQ focuses its investments in the following areas:

Real estate

For qualified investors, KIPP IQ also provides access to an exclusive asset management service, custom tailored for specific objectives and requirements.
And now, the required disclaimer: The investment products we offer are not suitable for all investors. By examining your financial situation – and making sure you fully understand the risks and rewards of the investment vehicles we are discussing – KIPP IQ ensures that besides having the required risk capital you also have realistic expectations about returns, temporary drawdowns and the reality that the risk of loss is always present.
In the end, we turn away many clients who come to us seeking money management services – and that's exactly how it ought to be.
For more information please contact our offices or email money@KippIQ.com
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