Many services, one supplier

What is it like to work with Kipp IQ? In one sense, it's a different experience for every client, since the service we provide is expressly tailored to meet your needs.

Yet for every client engagement, there are steps we typically go through in developing and implementing our recommended solution.

- Knowledge gathering and fact finding. We listen carefully to what you tell us about your business, your needs and your aspirations. Then we perform any necessary   independent market research to make sure we have a complete picture of your situation.

- Analysis and recommendation. We analyze all the facts and game out various scenarios to see what will provide maximum.

- Solution set-up and implementation. Once we've discussed our recommendation with you and adjusted it per your comments, it's time for set-up and implementation.

  We provide turnkey service, meaning once you say yes, we spring into action, with minimal time commitment on your part.

- Ongoing management and maintenance. For many clients, the initial setup is just the first step, as we will already have identified additional cost saving ideas and new   business opportunities. Typically our clients enter into ongoing relationships with CS&P, relying on us for advice and support around all their business ventures.
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