Internet Marketing & Web site Consulting Services  
Is your Company getting found by your target audience?
Is your organization getting as many sales leads from your website as you would like?
Are you successfully building your brand and market online?

If you are not satisfied with any of your answers- Kipp IQ can help. Just submit a contact form and one of our consultants will analyze your website, online competitors and provide you with a complimentary online web assessment. C

Kipp IQ’s strategic approach to Internet Marketing ensures that your organization is found by the exact customers who are looking to buy your products or services. Our internet marketing consulting services increase the number of qualified customers visiting your site each and every day.

Kipp IQ offers a complimentary 45 minute consultation to our prospective clients to help them learn more about their online competitive space. By filling out our brief assessment form one of our expert internet marketing consultants will analyze your website and provide a consultation at a time that is convenient for you.  
We will review the following information about your market space;
Who the online leaders are in your market
How much traffic your competitors are getting and how they are getting it
What are the demographics of your competitions traffic
What keywords the online leaders in your market are targeting
An assessment of your online marketing position
Recommendations to Improve your online position

We Guarantee Your Online Success.
Kipp IQ will take out the risk of your online marketing Investment. If you do not achieve the results that we promise, we will work on your behalf until your goals are reached at no expense to your organization. Contact us to learn more.

Kipp IQ offers a portfolio of online sales & marketing solutions focused on helping your organization generate new business opportunities. From Internet marketing consulting services to website design and optimization marketing our company is focused on helping turbo charge your organization’s growth and deliver the highest impact return on your marketing dollars.

We have helped companies, from small firms to world renowned organizations generate leads, attract new business and make more money through their websites. Some of clients include; Harvard, MIT, The Money Management Institute, the Society for Organizational Learning, IBM, Intel and Sun. We have local offices in New York, Boston, Hartford and Washington, DC.

Kipp IQ enables your organizations to
Reach new customers with targeted online marketing strategies
Increase sales efficiency with targeted market information
Capture large volumes of qualified leads
Significantly increase traffic to your website
Measure the ROI of your Marketing Initiatives
Convert Website Traffic into Sales
Use search engines to increase sales & profits

What is the goal of your online marketing campaign- Traffic or Qualified Leads?
This seemingly simple question actually reveals the deeper problem with most online marketing campaigns- focusing on driving traffic before identifying the “best” traffic to target.

If your organization is simply looking to increase traffic, then starting a program with SEO, PPC, banner advertising, email blasts and link building will meet your goals, but if you want qualified sales leads a different approach is needed.

Getting qualified leads to contact you directly on a regular basis takes a strategic approach that should be based on competitive analysis, market segmenting and the development of a customized plan. Taking the time upfront to identify the online market segments where the largest opportunity exists for your company’s products & services will have large payoffs in the long-term.

Through our unique approach we’ve helped organizations increase their web traffic by thousands of hits per month, have created steady streams of qualified leads, and helped monetize this qualified traffic into tens of thousands of dollars per month and 100 - 500% ROI within a short amount of time .
Kipp IQ’s 3 Step Online Marketing Process
1- Analyze the Online Business Environment
- By gathering market intelligence around your products or service offering.
2- Develop a Business Strategy & Online Marketing Plan- Around key market intelligence that integrates a mix of online marketing tools, customized to your     needs.
3- Implementation- We execute on the plan by continually readjusting onsite optimization to reach more target markets and by running an integrated online     marketing campaign. 

Going through this 3 Step process will help your company answer the following questions
Who are the top performing companies in your online competitive space? How much qualified traffic are they getting, what is the value of this traffic, what are their     growth rates over the past year?
2- How are your potential customers finding your competitors online? This involves answering questions around how your competition is attaining new traffic and     leads, what marketing media they are using, and where their traffic is coming from.
3- What are the online marketing gaps in your industry? What are the segments that your company can dominate and take market share?
4- What are the Long Tails in your online space? Which spaces have the best Volume/Competition ratio? What are the most targeted search terms to attack?
5- What is the right mix of online marketing activities for your organization to take advantage of market gaps, long tails and targeted niches?


Understanding your online market before active marketing begins is important because it helps you identify the best online opportunities before you engage in a campaign.

Going through our 3 Step process will enable your organization to gain a higher ROI and run a more successful online campaign.

We believe that the long-term success of any online campaign is built upon a strong foundation of research, analysis, and continuous improvement. For this reason we strongly recommend that the first month of any engagement is spent with a strong focus on syncing the online marketing campaign to the major goals and objectives of the business.

By combining strategic consulting, technical expertise and online marketing “know-how”, Kipp IQ delivers more than just web traffic and Page 1 rankings on Google. Some of the advantages of our services include:

We Help your Organization Carve out a Market Niche Online
With our strategic emphasis, we help you identify your ideal online customer and develop a consistent, long-term method of reaching them.

We Transform your Site into a Sales Lead Generator
Beyond driving random traffic to your website, we focus on funneling qualified potential customers (who want to contact you about your product/service) to your website.

We Build an Additional Revenue Channel for your Organization
Kipp IQ doesn’t measure success by the number of Google Page 1 Rankings we’ve achieved for our clients; our success is measured by bringing you the Highest Return on your Marketing Investment.

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