Event Insight  
At every conference or event valuable information is instantly created through dynamic panel discussions, inspiring key note addresses, and  rapid fire audience Q&A’s.Unfortunately, the valuable information created at these events is often lost.Event content is rarely captured and, if captured, it is buried in; hours upon hours of video feeds, thick as encyclopedia transcripts and scattered & disorganized conference proceedings.

Kipp IQ exists to solve this pressing problem of high value knowledge loss and information overload at conferences and events.

Kipp IQ captures and synthesizes the valuable knowledge created at events and produces a concise, easy to navigate & reference summary of all relevant event content.

At each event, NG creates an enriched conference summary giving both attendees and organizers the essence of what they need to know in 4-6 pages per session. NG also integrates the entire event audio into the report to deepen event learning and easily navigate long audio sessions.

Conference Insight is Value Added Service for Organizers & Attendees;
Add value to attendee registration
- no longer need to miss sessions nor take notes.
Provide Valuable Content to network & Association Membership
Turn Events into a Long Term Learning Experience- the knowledge created at an event can now be referenced and shared
Create additional exposure for event Sponsors  
Generate additional Revenue – through a revenue sharing model

Conference Insight provides attendees with
A tool to learn and remember more.
People forget the majority of what’s presented; according to studies in psychology 90% of what is learned is forgotten within a 4 weeks.
A Reference Guide; to navigate through both text & audio conference content
Access to new knowledge missed during concurrent sessions during an event
A One stop shop for key knowledge, trends, concepts, people and organizations at a conference

To learn more about how Kipp IQ’s Conference Insight Report can help you maximize the value of your up and coming event please contact email us at info@KippIQ.com.
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