Deal Insight  
Introducing a new tool that pushes the limits of reseller competitiveness . . . DEAL INSIGHT.
Kipp IQ’s Deal Insight is a web-based portal that empowers resellers by helping them improve profitability and drive revenue creation. This cutting-edge SaaS portal accomplishes this feat by providing resellers with unique insight and unparalleled visibility into each and every one of their vendors’ suite of programs and promotions.
So how does visibility into my vendor programs and promotions translate into better top-line growth and bottom-line earnings?

1- Because every year millions of dollars worth of VAR incentives go unclaimed on account of simple administrative oversights. Deal     Insight helps prevent these disasters.
    With most vendors, there seems to be a never-ending stream of time-sensitive action items, a variety of non-negotiable sales milestones, and various other required     benchmarks.

    If the right people aren’t aware of these program-specific sales milestones, VAR’s risk missing out on margin-inflating vendor rebates.   

    With so much going on with each vendor partner, key submission dates can easily go unnoticed. Unfortunately these minor oversights can have a major negative impact     on partner status by jeopardizing certifications and technology specializations.

    The simple fact of the matter is that it is too difficult to track all the things vendors require of their VAR partners. This creates a risky proposition for VAR’s - especially in a     tough economy where the margin for error is so small for so many.

2- Vendors create promotions to incentivize customers and drive sales – but they are anything but user friendly. Deal Insight allows     VAR’s to leverage these promotions easily and effectively, increasing their chances of winning new business.
Good sales people sell products and solutions based on each individual client’s needs, not based on what the most attractive promotion is. But the reality is that a promotion can drive down a proposal’s price quote substantially and make the difference between winning and losing the sale.

Unfortunately for sales people, there has never been a foolproof way to instantaneously identify the promotions related to a particular product. Up until now, they were forced to spend excessive amounts of time sifting through partner portals, announcement letters, and other vendor correspondences to figure out if there
was a promotion that could help them win a sale.

The result of this is something most VAR’s would rather not admit, but nonetheless, it’s a reality they know to be true: too many proposals are sent out with less-than-optimal pricing. Quotes are higher than they have to be, meaning that:
1) fewer deals are won
2) VAR’s end up cutting into their own margins on too many of the deals they do win.

Deal Insight Makes Life Better for VAR’s in a Number of Ways

As a Single Source of Vendor Offer Information:
 Deal Insight (DI) consolidates all of your vendor program and promotion information in one single location – saving time and reducing stress.

By Making Complex Offers Easy to Understand:
Kipp IQ’s unique Knowledge Processing™ system creates a unique Deal Page for each and every vendor offer. These Deal Pages highlight the most important information points on the offer so you don’t have to read irrelevant content to get the specific piece of knowledge you want.

By Embedding Tracking Devices to Keep You Abreast of Time Sensitive Information:
 DI makes sure that important dates and action items don’t go by unnoticed. And by notifying your organization weeks in advance, DI helps to ensure that you’re not scrambling to do things at the very last minute.

By Matching Proposals With the “Right” Offer:
The Product Search tool instantaneously retrieves a complete listing of promotions and programs that are eligible for a specific product. This makes it possible for the sales person to identify the most appropriate vendor offer and then leverage within the selling process.

Adding Value:
The Deal Insight Platform is a tool that should be used at various points within the organization to:
Ensure that you are getting the most out of each and every vendor relationship.
Increase the conversion rate of incremental revenue opportunities.
Minimize chaos and confusion.
Create organizational efficiencies and keep key HR focused on core business building activities.

Getting Started:
Kipp IQ makes it easy to get started w/ Deal Insight:
Vendor content from our growing library can be added to your custom DI portal in a matter of minutes.
Adding additional vendors to your portal can take as little as one business day.
We offer flexible contract terms with an affordable monthly payment plan.
Free trials are available for qualified prospects.

If you’d like to learn more about a tool that can help you outmaneuver your competition, strengthen your margins, and add to your bottom line,
please feel free to contact us at info@KippIQ.com.
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