Corporate finance  
Money makes the world go round, they say, so it's no surprise that for our clients doing business internationally, financial issues are a top priority concern. International businesses can be structured for maximum financial and tax benefit – or, done incorrectly, can become a huge drain on overall corporate profitability Kipp IQ works with clients to develop solid, smart financial strategies that take advantage of international regulations and position the business for success. Given the diverse experience and skill sets of the KIPP IQ team, we are able to touch a wide array of functional areas in the corporate structure, thus delivering the utmost benefit across the organization.

Corporate finance services we typically provide include:

    Mergers, acquisitions and cessions
    Commercial due diligence or investment/financial appraisals
    Company reorganization and restructuring
    Company evaluation reports
    Financial feasibility plans for implementing industrial expansion
    Scouting and recruiting highly qualified financial management
    Development and implementation of exit strategies in the event of buy-outs, buy-ins, spin-offs or MBOs, MBIs and LBOs
    Listing on stock exchanges


All KIPP IQ corporate finance services are adaptable and tailored to our clients' individual needs. So if there's something specific you want to know about, please don't hesitate to ask. Money talks, and we're conversant in its many languages.
For more information please contact our offices or email corpfi@KippIQ.com

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