About Us  
Online Solutions that Impact Your Bottom line
Kipp IQ offers a portfolio of online sales & marketing products and services focused on helping organizations generate new business opportunities. From strategic consulting, online marketing services and customized software development to our proprietary Sales Insight & Deal Insight technology platforms Kipp IQ delivers solutions that turbo charge your organization’s growth and deliver ROI for your stakeholders.

Founded in 2006 and incubated at MIT, Kipp IQ provides a suite of market solutions to the Technology, Venture Capital, International Development, Education, Association and Financial Services industry and serves top notch organizations such as the Harvard Business School, the World Bank, the Money Management Institute, the Society of Organizational Learning and Globe Span Venture Partners among others.

Our Services Include
Online Marketing Consulting
Online Marketing & SEO
SEO Web Design & Development
Market Research & Analysis
Customized Web Portal Development
Event Content Capture & Publishing
Sales Insight Platform

Kipp IQ enables your organizations to
Reach new customers with targeted online marketing strategies
Increase sales efficiency with targeted market information
Capture large volumes of qualified leads
Significantly increase traffic to your website
Measure the ROI of your Marketing Initiatives
Convert Website Traffic into Sales
Use search engines to increase sales & profits

To learn more about how Kipp IQ can help drive your company’s Online Success contact us info@KippIQ.com.
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