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The exciting news is that doing business internationally is easier and more attractive than ever. The terrifying news is, well, doing business internationally is easier and more attractive than ever. Almost every company thinks about doing it. Many actually have a good reason for it. Unfortunately, many companies “go global” without adequate preparation and strategic planning. And the results are exactly what you might expect.
The mission of Kipp IQ business and strategic consulting practice is to help companies leverage the power of international business while avoiding the pitfalls. On the one hand, we use every bit of experience we've ever had to help your company follow best practices and steer clear of mistakes. On the other hand – no two companies are exactly alike. So we make sure the international business and strategic consulting we provide is not just smart but, more particularly, smart for your business.
Business and consulting services we typically provide include
S.W.O.T. analysis
Pre-investment feasibility studies and competitive background assessments
Business plan research, writing and production
Strategy definition and implementation
Reworking of operating processes for international suitability
Industrial partnership scouting and matching
Restructuring and definition of business model tailored to the market environment, the jurisdiction and the local authorities requirements

Also please note that as needed we can and will adapt our services to meet your specific needs.
If your business is considering an international move, please consult with a qualified advisor such as Kipp IQ before making a major commitment or investment.
For more information please contact our offices or email strategic@KippIQ.com
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