All inclusive managed services  
Why wait until something breaks down and disrupts your productivity, your office environment and your budget. With KIPP IQ All Inclusive Managed Services
 you don’t have to tell us something broke. We do all the work for you seamlessly behind the scenes and within budget.

The secret is in our monitoring program. We upload our program onto your devices of choice and 24 x 7 x 365, the program updates our management center in real time on the health of that device – all for a flat rate per month.

With KIPP IQ All Inclusive Managed Services you receive:
1-  24 x 7 x 365 Networking Monitoring.
2-  Ability to set performance thresholds for each equipment device.
3-  Seamless Updates.
4-  99% of Trouble Tickets fixed remotely.
5-  Monthly Dashboard on your Network.
6-  100% Contract Management of your electronic equipment. 


Real time Data averts crashes and allows you to plan

With our state-of-the art monitoring program you can choose different performance settings and thresholds for devices e.g. alert when CPU hardware is 80% full. This puts the power back in your hands allowing you to:
Plan for the IT needs of your office.
Budget for upgrades and new equipment when it is best for your cash flow.
Plan for maximum uptime when critical equipment is involved.


No Budget Surprises

The very nature of KIPP IQ All Inclusive Managed Services eliminates the unexpected that can blow up budgets. With our flat rate pricing structure you know what you are paying from month to month. In addition, the following costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated:
On-site after hour costs - 99% of problems can be fixed remotely. In the rare cases that an on-site visit is needed, our real time alerting can give us advance notice. We can schedule at your convenience and save you an after-hour fee.

Breakdown and temporary replacement costs.

Free Consultation & On Site Visit
If you would like to eliminate your IT workload, contact us to make an appointment today. We will arrange to visit your premises for a no obligation consultation and walk through.
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