Aircrafts & Vessels  
We enjoy almost every aspect of our work, but this part is particularly rewarding. Finding and acquiring aircraft and vessels requires a combination of diverse talents – financing, deal structuring, contracts and so on. Also, shopping for yachts can be just plain fun.

Whether you're interested in a corporate or private aircraft, a pleasure yacht or a company-owned ship, our team of professionals can help you manage every aspect of finding, acquiring and owning of a large corporate jet, a light propeller plane, a helicopter or any kind of watercraft you're considering.

Our team will help structure the most advantageous solution for purchasing and ownership of the craft. Taking into consideration your intended use of the craft, we'll help you choose the best jurisdiction for registration, factoring into the equation the area's reputation and cost structure, as well as tax issues and possible benefits.

KIPP IQ can also help with the operation of the aircraft by handling accounting and insurance, maintaining statutory records and providing budgetary advice.
For assistance with aircrafts and vessels, please contact our offices or email airandsea@KippIQ.com
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